Saporina : Balsamic Dressing Balsamic Gelatine 115 gr

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Quick Overview

Balsamic Dressing
115 gr


  • 1 jar of "Tasty". Tasty jelly.
    Balsamic Dressing - 125 gr.

    Suitable for all types of cheese is cured (Taleggio, Castelmagno, Pecorino di Fossa, Parmigiano Reggiano), that fresh (Gorgonzola, Caprino, Robiola etc.) , on boiled meat, bread, bruschetta or barbeque.

    Ingredients: Saporoso, "the balsamic dressing Malpighi", sugar, natural pectin fruit.

    Once opened, store in a dry place or in the refrigerator freco.

    Designed and built by the fifth generation of the family Malpighi with the cooperation of the staff of the Chef of the restaurant "Acetaia Malpighi" with the aim of creating "Saporoso" to spread on bread.