Coppa di Parma BGB Halv vakuumpakkede, der vejer 0,9 kg Kun for Europa


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Coppa di Parma BGB
half, weighing 0,9 kg
only for Europa


Directly from Parma:

- Coppa di Parma Igp

Half, vacuum packed, 0.9 Kg./2.00 Lbs, seasoned 2 months

The processing techniques, refined over centuries and deeply tied to the lands of Parma, make Coppa only one of its kind. A process remained intact in time, to enable us to enjoy a high quality product. The cuts of meat used in the production of the Coppa di Parma Igp belong to the muscular portion of the neck of highly selected pigs.

The salt, together with the other ingredients such as spices and pepper, is applied with the dry salting method: Coppa is placed in contact with coarse salt, which can then slowly penetrate into the meat. At the end of the salting, the product is covered in natural casing of bovine or pork and then tied by hand with hemp twine. After a thorough drying, the product passes to age for a period of at least 60 days, where the meat takes its fragrance, aroma and an exquisite and delicate taste, while the twine of the binding is gradually loosened.


meat of pork, pepper and salt

Energy value on 100 gr :

366 kcal / 1519 kj

Free of:

lavtose and glutin

Expiration date:

5 months

How to store:

The whole product can be stored for months in a damp and cold place. Once cut it should be kept in the refrigerator, and consumed within couple of months. Before slicing it, we recommend removing the outer film and if it's too seasoned, for a whole day, wrap it with a cloth soaked in white wine


Remove the string, brush the surface in running water; it should then be cut into thin slices. It is tasted with bread together with curls of butter and sparkling wines, such as Lambrusco and Malvasia.