PECORINO ROMANO PDO Aged Sheep Cheese Piece 1 Kg. / 2.20 Lbs


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Pecorino Romano PDO - Aged Sheep Cheese


- 1 Piece of Pecorino Romano PDO, Aged Sheep Cheese

Weight of 1 Kg. / 2.20 Lbs.

Another classic of the Italian tradition, a unique and excellent product known all over the world, lands on ParmaShop. Protagonist of very popular recipes such as "Cacio e pepe", "Carbonara" and "Amatriciana", but also excellent as a cheese to be enjoyed alone, Pecorino Romano PDO is now available to get to your tables. This is a cheese with very old origins, already appreciated by the ancient Romans, who considered it a product which could not miss from imperial banquets. Furthermore, it could be stored for a long time and this made it a staple of the rations during the travels of the Roman legions. 27 grams was the daily ration for the legionaries, to be consumed together with bread and barley soup. This cheese, in fact, gave strength and vigour to tired soldiers: Pecorino Romano PDO is a real bundle of energy, also easy to digest. The Caseificio Storico Amatrice, located in Amatrice, an important city of the history of Italy, produces Pecorino Romano PDO scrupulously respecting the guidelines of production, to guarantee the consumer an Italian product of excellence. The result is a hard, aged cheese, produced with fresh whole sheep's milk, coming exclusively from farms in the production area. It is possibly completed with natural cultures of native lactic ferments of the production area and coagulated with lamb rennet coming exclusively from animals reared in the same production area. Pecorino Romano can be marketed if aged for a minimum of 5 months to be consumed as a table cheese and 8 months if grated.


Sheep’s milk, salt, lamb’s rennet, lactic ferments - Surface treated with coating agents dye: E150d and preservatives: E235, E203, E202


Milk and products thereof (including lactose)

Suggestions for use :

Pecorino Romano PDO goes perfectly with acacia honey and fruit compotes, excellent to be enjoyed alone at the end of a meal. If grated on pasta it is surprising, as it gives an extra touch to the dish: actually, it is the protagonist of popular recipes such as "Carbonara", "Cacio e Pepe", "Amatriciana", or "Gricia". The crust cannot be eaten: it is recommended to remove the external part of the product before consuming