PECORINO TOSCANO Pdo Aged Sheep CheeseWhole wheel 1.9 Kg. / 4.2 Lbs.


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kg. 1.9


- 1 Pecorino Toscano Pdo, Aged sheep cheese

Whole wheel, weight di 1.9 Kg. / 4.2 Lbs.

‘His Majesty’ Pecorino Toscano aged is produced exclusively with sheep’s milk coming from pastures in Tuscany and bordering territories as determined by the regulations of production. Rich in tradition, it is famous around the world for its decisive, yet delicate, flavor. When young, underneath the light yellow rind, this enchanting cheese has a sweet flavor and milky aroma. During the maturation, the flavors become more concentrated, the scent becomes more structured and intense, with a surprising aromatic complexity. Aging exalts the quality of the ingredients, ably transformed through passion and the art of production.


Pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, rennet, native enzyme


milk and products thereof


Pecorino Toscano PDO aged, has a semifirm paste. It must be aged at least 120 days but can easily mature up to a year. Generally, the weight of this typology of Pecorino Toscano is 2 Kg for each round wheel which clearly displays, branded on the side, the mark of the Consortium of Production and the Denomination of Protected Origin. It has a thin yellow rind, uniform, smooth, and compact.The paste is clear yellow in color, presenting some small irregular eyes, well distributed. The aroma is well perceived, delicate, of dried fruit and hay. These nuances are heightened as the aging is prolonged.

Suggestions for use :

Pecorino Toscano aged is quite suitable for a more mature consumer who looks for the aromas and scents that come from aging, from 4 months on, and which renders this a cheese to be contemplated and savored, pairing well with structured red wines. In Italy Pecorino Toscano aged is usually consumed in slices, but may also be enjoyed as shaving. On many traditional dishes, in particular on pasta, it may also be grated.