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Cuor di Pandoro with Fabbri Cherries...
Cuor di Pandoro with Fabbri Cherries...
Cuor di Pandoro with Fabbri Cherries - Italian Cake - Hand Wrapped (750 Gr. / 1.65 Lbs.)
Cuor di Pandoro with Fabbri Cherries - Italian Cake - Hand Wrapped (750 Gr. / 1.65 Lbs.)

Cuor di Pandoro with Fabbri Cherries - Italian Cake - Hand Wrapped (750 Gr. / 1.65 Lbs.)

👨‍🍳 Producer: Borsari

⚖️ Containing: 750 Gr. / 1.65 Lbs.

⏱️ Shelf Life: 5 Months

✈️ Shipping: Europe and USA

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🇮🇹 Authentic Italian Tradition 🇮🇹

Dive into Italian culinary tradition with the exclusive Cuor di Pandoro with Fabbri Cherries by Borsari. This dessert, a symbol of festivities in the Beautiful Country, embodies the essence of Veneto, the region where the legend of pandoro was born.

⭐ Star Shape and Origins ⭐

Its eight-pointed star shape is a tribute to the mountains of Verona, the cradle of this delicacy.

🍒 Succulent Surprise 🍒

But the real touch of mastery is the addition of authentic Fabbri Cherries, red jewels that enrich each slice with a succulent surprise.

🎁 Wrapped with Passion 🎁

To ensure an even more authentic experience, each pandoro is delicately hand-wrapped, preserving the art and passion that only Italy can offer.

🌍 A Sensory Journey 🌍

A sensory journey that spans generations and borders, ready to embrace palates from all over the world.

The Cuor of Pandoro is a truly versatile dessert: traditionally, it is consumed in slices, sprinkled with powdered sugar or alternatively, bitter cocoa. It pairs perfectly with full-bodied wines, with intense aroma and taste, and typical dessert wines.

Of course, it is also ideal to accompany a milk soup for breakfast or a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the afternoon.

It's a dessert that can be filled with any cream to make it even more delicious, from jams to chocolate.

Not only that, Pandoro can be used as a base to create delicious desserts.

Try using it instead of cookies in the tiramisu recipe... there are no words to describe its goodness!

How to store: keep in its well-sealed bag in a cool and dry place.

Organoleptic Properties:

  • Appearance: Soft, Silky, Structured.
  • Color: Golden Yellow, Ruby.
  • Aroma: Enveloping, Fruity, Vanilla.
  • Taste: Sweet, Succulent, Harmonious.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Candied cherries 11.5% (cherries, sugar, glucose syrup, water, acids: citric acid, concentrated cherry juice, natural color: anthocyanins, flavors), Natural yeast (wheat flour, water), Milk, Emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Flavors, Cocoa butter, Salt.

Powdered sugar sachet ingredients: Sugar, Wheat starch, Flavors.

Allergens: May contain nuts and soy. May contain pits or fragments of pits.

Preservatives: None

Calories per 100 gr.: 392 Kcal.

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