Panettoni & Pandori (Italian Cakes)

Panettoni & Pandori (Italian Cakes) -

Soft, sweet, fragrant and characterized by the unmistakable aroma of candied fruit, Panettone is probably the sweet that more than any other tells about Christmas in Italy. Although it has Milanese origins, it is now widespread in every region and there is no family that on Christmas day does not end the festive lunch with a good Panettone, better if handmade and prepared according to the traditional recipe.

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Fiocchetto di Prosciutto,... Fiocchetto di Prosciutto,... 2
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Culatello & Cold cuts
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Fiocchetto di Prosciutto, whole, string tied


Pumpkin Panettone - Italian Cake - In Metal Tin (750 Gr. / 1.65 Lbs.)

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Traditional Panettone - Organic - Italian Cake - Hand Wrapped (750 Gr. / 1.65 Lbs.)


Panettone Orange & Chocolate - Italian Cake - In Luxury Box (750 Gr.)


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