Panettoni and Sweets

Panettoni and Sweets

Soft, sweet, fragrant and characterized by the unmistakable aroma of candied fruit, Panettone is probably the sweet that more than any other tells about Christmas in Italy. Although it has Milanese origins, it is now widespread in every region and there is no family that on Christmas day does not end the festive lunch with a good Panettone, better if handmade and prepared according to the traditional recipe. Learn more ...

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... Several legends circulate about the birth of the Panettone but it seems that the true origin is to be found in the medieval custom of celebrating Christmas with a richer bread than the one that was brought to the table every day. Already in 1200 there was a bread enriched with honey, raisins and pumpkin, which was called Panettone because it had a larger shape than all the other baked products. During the "ritual of the log", on the evening of December 24, the head of the family served a slice of wheat bread to each guest while the Christmas log burned in the fireplace. In the 1600s the use of butter while the addition of yeast will only come in the 1800s, as well as that of candied cedar peel.

Whatever its origin, what is certain is that the traditional Panettone recipe has remained unchanged for over 600 years! Even the most traditionalists still do not give up the classic preparation, rich and soft, leavened for many hours, stuffed with raisins and candied fruit and obviously handcrafted, as was done once.

Alongside the traditional recipe, today there are many variations, from the most delicious to the simplest and most delicate fillings. Whatever your choice, the important thing is to choose products made with quality raw materials and following a craftsmanship, just like those you will find on ParmaShop. Although it is in fact a typical dessert from Milan, some companies in the Parma area have dedicated passion and care to developing recipes that respect tradition, enhancing the characteristics of excellent raw materials.

The beauty and goodness of Panettone is that it is a versatile dessert that everyone likes! Excellent for breakfast drenched in milk, as a meal ending with a glass of sparkling wine and even as a base for making other delicious desserts, perhaps in combination with a rich cream or a soft mousse. And if you don't know which one to choose, ask our team members for advice: we are at your disposal!