Fiocchetto of Ham seasoned, Ravanetti Whole, weigh 1,9 Kg. Only for Europe

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Fiocchetto of Ham
Whole, weighing 1,9 Kg.
seasoned 9 months.
ONLY for Europe


  • 1 Fiocchetto of Ham Ravanetti, whole,weighing 1,9 Kg, seasoned 9 months.
    Only for Europe

    The Fiocchetto come from the thigh of an Italian pig shoulder. The sweetness and tenderness of the meat result from salting the meat by hand and "sugnatura" (in which the unprotected surfaces are covered with lard) to soften the lean part and thus enable a long curing process (9 months) in humidity controlled rooms. The long curing process is responsible for the intense scent emitted when the ham is cut.

    How to conserve it and consume it

    In order to fully appreciate its flavor we suggest that you trim starting off the suet and rind, depending on the amount you intend to use, beginning with the larger end. Once it has been started it must be consumed quickly and stored in the fridge wrapped in a canvas.


    Directly managed by the Ravenetti family for over forty years, it is located in the heart of the Parma hills: an area which distinguishes itself for the production of guaranteed high-quality salami. The product's quality is the result of traditional craftsmanship based on the accurate selection of the raw materials and careful processing and curing. The company produces air-cured pork meats, bacons, prime cuts of Parma ham, and culatelli for those who appreciate the flavor of a traditional and genuine product.

    Ravenetti: a brand which is synonymous with reliability and respect for our customers.