Fiocchetto di Prosciutto Whole, string-tied 6 months 1.9 Kg./4.20 Lbs ONLY FOR EUROPE

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Quick Overview

Fiocco di prosciutto. Whole, string-tied , weighing 1,9 Kg, only for Europe


Directly from Parma:

- Fiocchetto di prosciutto Salumificio Ducale

Whole, string-tied, 1.9 Kg./4.20 Lbs, seasoned 6 months

Fiocchetto/Fiocco di Prosciutto is considered the younger brother of the culatello, a reductive definition for a cold-cut that has its own quality, worked in the same way, it differs more for its size than for its delicate taste. From the ruby color, thin and sweet on the palate, the Fiocchetto is matured for about 6 months.

The leg of the first quality ham of the Dop production line, is divided into two parts, one to obtain the Culatello di Zibello and the other to obtain the Fiocco di Prosciutto, which is trimmed, massaged and salted and placed in a gut and tied with string to be then matured for at least six months, in the same wet cellars the Culatello di Zibello Pdo.


meat of pork, pepper and salt



Nutritional features:

The distinctive characteristic of Parma Ham lies in its high protein content; moreover, the richness in free amino acids, which depends on the curing processes, gives this food a very high overall digestibility

Energy value on 100 gr :

231 kcal / 965 kj

Free of:


Expiration date:

4 months

How to store:

It must be kept in cool and ventilated rooms, possibly hung to prevent the formation of molds in the contact points. Once opened, spread a bit of olive oil or butter on the cut part. As it tends to dry, wrap it in a linen cloth and store it in the refrigerator.


Remove the string, brush the jib in running water; it should then be cut into thin slices. It is tasted with bread together with curls of butter and sparkling wines, such as Lambrusco and Malvasia.