Kitchen & Cooking Utensils

Kitchen & Cooking Utensils

How to cut, slice, grate, chop many types of food, if not with specific kitchen utensils and accessories? A few examples? To slice cheese and ham, a professional knife and grater cannot be missing. The large offer of local hams and cheeses produced in the Parma area has made this city the point of reference for those who want to buy professional, quality and long-lasting tools capable of guaranteeing extremely high performance. learn more ...


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... Directly from Parma, the city of Italy's most loved raw ham, ParmaShop offers the 28 cm thin professional knife, characterized by the highest quality steel blades. This knife, with an extremely comfortable handle, allows you to cut ham with extreme precision into very thin slices.

Did you get a whole ham but you don't know how to keep it during cutting? The special and sturdy ham stand with wooden base allows you to place an entire ham and cut it by hand with a knife. Thanks to this structure you will no longer have to ask anyone to keep the ham still. Furthermore, its elegant appearance makes it an ideal object to display in the kitchen.

You will surely have seen a wooden grater with an internal drawer at your grandmother's house. ParmaShop re-proposes this kitchen utensil that gives a touch of Italian tradition to the table. If instead you want something more original and of great impact, you can try the ceramic cheese bowl, which reproduces a 'shape' of Parmigiano Reggiano with a spoon.

Also perfect as a gift idea.

In the homeland, Parmigiano Reggiano certainly could not miss professional knives with a characteristic almond shape for cutting cheese. The two sides of this knife are not the same: the thinner one serves to facilitate the lunge, while the thicker one acts as a wedge. If you are a lover of Parmigiano Reggiano or want to make a good impression during a dinner, bring to the table the fabulous professional set of 3 knives for cutting Parmigiano Reggiano.

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