Kitchen Uniforms and Clothes

Kitchen Uniforms and Clothes

Whether it's a restaurant or a small trattoria, chaos reigns supreme in the kitchens. The cook, the waiters and the bartenders know well what it means to work under pressure and for this reason they need comfortable and professional clothing. learn more ...


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... Furthermore, you know, getting dirty in the kitchen is very easy and some types of stains can irreversibly ruin your clothes. Fortunately, there is a specially designed clothing that can eliminate this risk. ParmaShop, which has worked for many years in contact with industry professionals, knows well that the eye also wants its part. No matter where you are, those who work in the restaurant sector must never give up a nice chef uniform and an orderly apron.

The unisex Europa model in pure white cotton with blue decorations is also perfect for beginners. It is a simple but extremely elegant jacket that will keep you away from dirt and burns. In addition, a comfortable shirt can be worn under the jacket.

Italian cuisine is appreciated all over the world. Precisely for those who want to pay homage to our nation, ParmaShop offers the Italy model, made of pure white cotton and with tricolour decorations. Customers in the dining room will certainly notice this detail and appreciate it very much.

At ParmaShop you will also find the iconic professional chef hat in white cotton. The measures are adjustable and allow you to wear the garment in comfort.

In addition to the cook and the waiters, there are two other equally important figures who work in the restaurant sector: the sommelier and the barmen. For them ParmaShop offers the elegant unisex full black apron and the red apron to tie at the waist.

This clothing is not only aimed at those who work in the kitchen but can become a perfect gift idea for all fans of the sector!

Not sure which model to choose or would you like advice on sizes? Contact our team by email or phone. We will give you all the advice and guide you in the purchase.