Professional & Home Slicers

Professional & Home Slicers

The slicer is an extremely useful and versatile tool, that allows you to cut not only meats and cheeses, but also bread, vegetables and fruit. Thanks to this support, you have the possibility to slice large quantities of food quickly, effortlessly and with much greater precision than that of any knife. Contrary to what one might think, it is not a product to be used exclusively in the restaurant business. Today more and more people decide to buy a slicer to keep in their kitchen: this is widely used both during daily meals and during dinners with loved ones. learn more ...


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... The slicers are divided into two large groups: flywheel and electric. The former does not consume electricity and are equipped with a wheel with knob (the flywheel) which is operated manually. The flywheel also allows you to adjust the cutting speed. The electric ones do not require previous knowledge, they are easier and faster to use.

Being a tool widely used in the Parma area, especially for cutting ham, Parmashop knows this type of product very well. The shop offers different versions:

Electric slicer 300 TSV-R: with this table model you can slice heavy meats, roasts, cheeses and hard meats. It is sliding and guarantees a perfect cut of the products.

Electric slicer S 250 / R: although smaller in size than the previous model, this machine guarantees excellent performance. In this case too, you can cut different types of products, even the hardest ones. Thanks to its compact shape, you can place this slicer on small domestic kitchen tables.

Flywheel slicer 300: it is an aesthetically beautiful and impactful tool, ideal for displaying in a restaurant business. This fire red table slicer is equipped with a built-in sharpener which simplifies the work.

Flywheel 370 slicer: designed especially for bars and restaurants, it allows you to make precise cuts on all types of cured meats, even the hardest ones. The slicer is also equipped with a pedestal of the same colour. With this machine, the "Wow" effect is guaranteed, your customers will not be able to stop to admire it.

From ParmaShop you can also order the 110 Volt versions for America.

If you wish to have some information on the technical characteristics of the slicers or on how to use them, do not hesitate to contact our assistance by phone or e-mail.