Culatello di Zibello pdo Half kg.1,900 vacuum packed, seasoned 12 months " Excellent in food guide" Only for Europe

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Half Culatello di Zibello PDO.
Vaccum packed,
seasoned 12 months.
ONLY for Europe


  • 1 HALF CULATELLO di Zibello "P.D.O." . Weighing about 1,900 Kg. Vacuum packed. Seasoned for at least 12 months. Ready to be eaten Salumificio Ducale.
    Excellent in the food guide "L'Espresso"
    The culinary Guide de L'Espresso reports the Culatello of "Salumificio Ducale" as one of the best Italian cold cuts.

    Only for Europe

    It is produced from carefully selected local pig thighs, naturally seasoned in damp cellars for never less than 12 months.
    Sweet and fragrant taste: "EXCELLENT" :
    - Accompaniments: Culatello, in its magnificence, stands up to high-class and simple and common resources. We recommend the elegant and boisterous dry Malvasia or vintage Fortana, a red sparkling wine.

    - To best keep culatello, wrap it up in a cloth, best if linen, and kept in a cool place which must not be a fridge which would deaden the taste. Accompanying Wine Culatello in its magnificence, is able to co-habitate with the highest personality, as well as with s imple and popular resources. We advise the elegant and cheeky dry Malvasia, or Fortana , a red wine slightly fizzy.