Parma Ham PDO Half, boneless, seasoned 16 months, vacuum packed weighting about 4,100 Kg Only for Europe

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Quick Overview

Prosciutto di Parma P.D.O.
half, boneless, seasoned 16 months, vacuum packed,
weighting about 4,100 Kg./8.2 lbs.


  • 1 HALF PROSCIUTTO di PARMA PDO - Parma ham, seasoned 16 months, boneless, vacuumed-packed , weighting about 4,100 Kg. /8.2 lbs.
    Ready to be cut and to be easy eaten

  • Only for Europe

    With the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma seal, it is a "PDO" product (Denomination of Protected Origin), meaning that it can only be produced in the fragrant Parma hills.
    Produced with the thighs of highly selected pigs, without preservatives or colouring, nitrites and nitrates, it is all natural, nutritionally balanced, perfect food even for children and can be used in the most diversified dishes and preparations, from the simple and quick afternoon sandwich to more complex and refined menus.
    "Quello dolce è il Crudo di Parma" ("The sweet one is Parma Prosciutto")
    Centuries of farming generations have passed down the secrets of processing pig thighs and naturally seasoning them to obtain an unmistakable Italian gastronomic product.