FELINO SALAMI PGI 1 salami weighing 500 gr 5 SPILLI award by L'ESPRESSO ITALIAN SALAMI GUIDE 2017 Only for Europe

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Quick Overview

1 Salame Felino, weighing approximately 500 grams


  • 1 Felino Salami, Cav.Umberto Boschi. gr 500
    Only for Europe

    Felino Salami is excellent as an appetizer, it goes well with ham and culatello and is excellent when used in sandwiches.
    Ruby red in color, with white spots of fat It has a sweet, delicate flavor and an intense odor
    Felino Salami takes its name from the town of Felino, near Parma, where it originated over eight centuries ago.
    It is produced in keeping with ancient traditions: the salami is made from Italian pigs from the PDO Parma Ham production chain.
    The meat is coarsely ground and stuffed into natural pig gut casings; the salamis are hand-tied with a single string; it is matured for a minimum of 30 days.

    How it must be eaten and stored
    It must be cut diagonally into oval slices the width of a pepper grain.
    To store hang in a cold, dry place; once it is cut store it in the fridge wrapped in a canvas.