Valtaro Porcini dried gr.50 and under oil gr. 340

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Valtaro Porcini
dried and under oil


Directly from Parma !
We are registrated at FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

From the Porcino mushroom region, an exquisite selection of dried mushrooms and mushrooms under oil.
  • 1 Jar of Valtaro Porcini whole mushrooms in olive oil gr. 340.
    Produced from the finest quality mushrooms.
  • 1 Pack of first quality dried Valtaro Porcini mushrooms Boletus Edulis gr.50.
    White coloured with that intense fragrance typical of the Valtaro mushrooms.

    Porcini mushrooms gathered in centuries old spruce and beech forests, dried naturally they retain the full woodsy perfume and fragrance, inebriating the soul with rustic sensations.
    Keep dry and cool.

    We can ship these products to Europe, United States of America, Japan via air mail or courier.