Italian Wines for Foreign Countries

Italian Wines for Foreign Countries

Italy is world famous for its food and wine excellence. Wines are one of the products that best describe and represent the territory and the appreciation of foreign markets shows it: Germany, the United States, Australia and Japan are just some of the countries where Italian wines are most esteemed for their quality. Consumers from all over the world are now informed, read sector magazines, participate in wine-themed tastings and events and can now recognize an excellent wine from a mediocre bottle. This explains why the export of Italian wines abroad is continuously growing. learn more ...

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... ParmaShop, to meet the increasingly demanding requests of an attentive and informed clientele, has selected some of the best locally produced wines and exports them to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Holland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States.

ParmaShop's goal is not only to make the wine excellence of the Emilia Romagna region known throughout the world, but also to make Italians living abroad feel at home. The bottles that you will find on our portal are not found in the large distribution of any country in the world: the small selected local producers produce excellent wines, awarded with some of the most prestigious awards in the sector.

The Parma hills are one of the areas most suited to viticulture and it is here that some of the vines that made Italy famous in the world are born. This is the case of Barbera, intense and precious, and Lambrusco, the best-selling Italian wine abroad: lively, enjoyable and versatile, it is appreciated in combination with many local specialties including Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma ham, and it is without the most peculiar wine product of the Emilia region is doubtful. There is no one who does not know and does not appreciate a good glass of fresh Lambrusco!

To better savour the different wine proposals of the Emilia region, ParmaShop gives you the opportunity to create a personalized tasting box, choosing 3 bottles individually to enclose them in a single tasting package. If you want advice on how to match wines properly and how to sip them to better appreciate them, ask our team: we will answer all your doubts!