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  • Vlad - Poland27/09/2019 PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA Pdo Half, boneless 30 months, 3.8 Kg./8.3 Lbs Perfecto!!! The package was great (thanks for the small present ;-) ), delivery time is fast. Taste - simply incredible. Thank you, Italy!!!
  • Steve F17/06/2019 PARMIGIANO REGGIANO Pdo from hills, I° quality 36 months Fantastic! It’s so rewarding to get to taste the results of such a legacy of fine cheese making. My first time ordering, but it won’t be my last! Shipping time was very fast. The ONLY issue at all is that the cold pack placed in the shipping container was no longer cool when the cheese arrived, but it caused no problems. Fantastic cheese! Thank you! Now I want to visit your region for myself.