Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Signore Degli Ulivi 1 Botella ml. 750 "Coppini Arte Olearia"


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Signore Degli Ulivi
1 Botella ml. 750
"Coppini Arte Olearia"


  • 1 Botella 750 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Rustic and real, with a tempting perfume and a distinct and tasteful flavour expressing tradition and passion for the land.

  • Alérgenos:


    Il "Signore degli Ulivi " is obtained from olives at their right stage of maturity and picked by hand in order to take care of their integrity and pressed within 48 hours from their picking.
    Sensory features: intensely fruity
    Perfume: intense olive
    Flavour: round, ripe olive, with a pleasant spicy finish
    Olive Tree Variety: Ogliarola, Coratina, Nocellara
    Production techniques: our extraction system is based on the modern hammer press and the extraction is carried on by means of the horizontal centrifugal system. These extracting techniques and the lack of any further processing by high temperature help Il Signore degli Ulivi sensory features such as aroma, flavour and colour to be preserved.
    Food Matches: raw on bread. pasta sauce (meat and fresh vegetables), pulses. grilled vegetables.