Coppa di Parma IGP Helhet som veier 1,8 kg Kun for Europa


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Coppa di Parma IGP
whole, weighing 1,8 kg
only for Europa


- 1 COPPA DI PARMA IGP , whole, weighing 1,8 kg.


Coppa di Parma is excellent as an appetizer, ideal during meals and perfect in sandwiches.
The meaty part of the slice is red, whereas the fatty part is generally pink.
Coppa di Parma boasts a tradition dating back to 1700; it has a mellow, persistent flavor and a delicate perfume and is prepared with meat taken from the neck of Italian pigs.
The fresh meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, natural flavouring and white wine, then it is packaged and matured for at least 60 days.

How to conserve it and consume it: The seasoned product may be conserved for months if it is whole and kept in a fresh, humid place (12-18 °C). Once it is cut it must be kept in the fridge at a temperature from 0 to 7 °C and eaten within 2 months.
Before slicing the Coppa di Parma, we suggest you remove the outer protective film and, in the case of very seasoned Coppa, to wrap it in a dishcloth soaked in white wine for a whole day.