Gift Box Osteria del Cavaliere Salame Felino 350 gr + Strolghino 200 gr + apron ONLY FOR EUROPE

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Gift Box salame felino + strolghino + innkeeper's apron


Directly from Parma:

- Box del Cavaliere

Salame Felino 350 gr + Strolghino 200 gr + exclusive innkeeper's apron for slicing cold cuts

A gift box dedicated to Salame Felino and Strolghino: two products from the Parma area that have always been protagonists of conviviality in the typical "Osterias" scattered throughout the province.

Salame Felino:

The famous salami which takes its name from the town where it is produced, made with fine pork meats stuffed in natural casing and tied by hand.


a small salami with a sweet and delicate flavor, perfect for aperitifs.

Innkeeper's apron:

as a gift an exclusive innkeeper's apron, perfect to wear when slicing cold cuts

Free of:

gluten and lactose



How to store:

After the cut, the refrigerator is preferable. For a perfect preservation, wrap the cured meat in a dishcloth or in the food paper.