Caciotta di Urzano Organic - Mountain ProductWhole - 400 gr. / 0.88 Lbs.

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Caciotta di Urzano - Organic - Cheese


Directly from Parma:

- 1 Caciotta di Urzano - Organic

The Organic Caciotta di Urzano is an excellent cow's milk cheese, with a soft texture and a short maturation.
It takes its name from the place where it is produced, Urzano, a pretty town in the Parma Apennines, where the dairy with its cow farm that produces this delight stands.
For its production, only the freshly milked milk of the Bruna Alpina and Rossa Reggiana cows are used, fed only with organic products. A part of fresh cream and the finest sweet Cervia salt are then added to the pasteurized milk.

After only 15 days of maturation, the caciotta is ready to be tasted.

Excellent quality and flavor are guaranteed by the exclusively organic and soy-free feeding of these cows, which are free to graze in the fields without chemical fertilizers and herbicides. In summer they are fed with fresh grass, while in winter with alfalfa and hay.
The Bruna Alpina and the Rossa Reggiana are two prized breeds that produce superior quality milk and give the caciotta a unique and particular flavor.
Thanks to a balanced and natural diet and their natural physical resistance, these cows do not need to take any type of drug or supplement; fertilization also occurs naturally and the primiparous are fertilized no earlier than the twentieth month of life.


milk from Alpine Brown and Red Reggian Cows from organic farming, sweet salt from Cervia


milk and products thereof

Free of:

lactose, food additives and preservatives

Expiration date:

4 months

How to store:

once the vacuum pack has been opened, wrap the cheese in cling film and store in the refrigerator.


This delicious Organic caciotta lends itself to numerous uses: for a tasty aperitif, it looks good on a cutting board together with fresh figs or grapes, then paired with a pear or onion compote and excellent homemade bread.
In addition to this, it can become the perfect ingredient to prepare a creamy risotto with caciotta and pancetta.