Electric Slicing machine S 250/R model EUROPE AND USA

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Electric Slicing machine S 250/R model


Directly from Parma:

- Electric Slicing machine S 250/R model

In aluminum alloy, weight 14 kg / 30,86 Lbs

The slicing machine S 250/R model, made of oxidised aluminium alloy, has the advantage of an easy cleaning and is very hygienic. The cutting thickness from 0 to 16 mm., with lighted adjusting knob, is very sensitive and allow you even a decimal adjustement. The easy and precise sharpening set makes the work of the users easiers by keeping the edge of the blade always sharp, for a very good cut of food. The carriage, running on ball bearings, has an exceptional fluency and you can cut also heavy sausages, roastbeef, cheese, fish, hard meat. Trought this is a small slicer, it has all the advantages and the features of the big slicers.


Single phase motor V 115-220 240 Hz 50/60 HP 0.25
Blade Ø mm. 250
R.p.m. of the blade 300
Thickness mm. 0 ÷ 16
Utilizable cutting mm. 190 X 190