Culatello di Zibello Pdo Half more than 12 months 1.9 Kg./4.20 LbsONLY FOR EUROPE

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Half Culatello di Zibello PDO.
Vaccum packed,
seasoned 12 months.
ONLY for Europe


Directly from Parma:

- Culatello di Zibello Pdo

Half, vacuum packed, 1.9 Kg./4.20 Lbs, seasoned more than 12 months
The culinary Guide of L'Espresso journal rewards the Culatello di Zibello produced by "Salumificio Ducale" as one of the best Italian cold cuts.

The Consortium of the Tutela del Culatello di Zibello has been founded in order to protect quality and representativeness of this great piece of Italian charcuterie. Is a Pdo product (Protected Designation of Origin ). The art of making Culatello have been passed on for generations and it houses in itself the history of a low land on the Po river, its people's tradition and the particular climate.

Culatello is produced in the flatlands near Po river, in the communes of Busseto, Polesine Parmense, Zibello, Soragna, Roccabianca, San Secondo, Sissa and Colorno, which climate is characterized by long, cold and foggy winters and torrid and sunny summers. The alternation of dry and humid periods allows the slow aging of these salumi, giving to them the distinctive flavours and fragrances which made Culatello famous all over the world.

How it is produced:

is made with the muscular inner part of the thigh of the pig, opportunely skinned, deboned and finally wrapped up whith twine, giving to the piece of meat its particular “pear” shape


meat of pork, salt and black pepper



Nutritional features:

it is rich in iron, potassium and phosphorus, Vitamins P1, PP and CLA

Energy value on 100 gr :

198 kcal / 828 k

Expiration date:

3 months

How to store:

smear the cut part with a drizzle of olive oil or butter, cover the culatello with a linen cloth, taking care to keep it in a cold place.


Cut into thin slices. It's highly recomended along with the bread, with some curl of butter in winter