Mortadella Bologna La Gloriosa PGI - Whole about 700 gr / 1.65 Lbs ONLY FOR EUROPE

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- Mortadella Bologna La Gloriosa PGI

Intera, in vescica, ca 700 gr in scatola.


Directly from Parma:

- Mortadella Bologna La Gloriosa PGI

Whole, vacuum packed, abt 700 gr

Mortadella is an Italian product made with cooked cured pork meat. It is characterised by an intense aroma: its spicy flavour is given by the grains of black pepper; sometimes, it contains pieces of pistachios. Its shape is normally cylindrical or oval, with a smooth surface; its colour is pink with white cubes of pork fat.

The tastiest sandwich is the one with mortadella. An unforgettable scent and flavor!

Did you know that Mortadella can trace its roots back to ancient times? Some scholars claim that its history dates back to the Mediaeval period, while others state it was born in the Roman or even Etrurian era.


Pork, salt, sucrose, spices, preservative (sodium nitrite)

Calories per 100 gr:

About 274 kcal


Gluten, polyphosphates, lactose and caseinates

Shelf life:

2 months

How to store it:

Keep it in the fridge, at a temperature between 2° and 5°; once cut, cover the meat with cling film for food.

How to eat it - Combinations:

Cut it rather thinly and try it with toasted bread: this product will turn into the queen of your happy hours!