Salame di Felino Pgi Whole 500 gr./1.43 Lbs 5 SPILLI Award ONLY FOR EUROPE

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1 Salame Felino, weighing approximately 500 grams


Directly from Parma:

- Salame di Felino PGI

Whole, gr.500/1.43 Lbs
Award 5 SPILLI on Guida ai Salumi d'Italia 2017 by news paper L'Espresso

The Felino salami PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) is obtained from the mixture of pure Italian pork meat, it's a typical Parma's cold cut.

How it is produced:

Pure Italian pork meat, minced with salt, black pepper, flavored with Malvasia dei Colli di Parma wine and garlic. Once bagged in natural pork gut, the salami is tied by hand with natural fiber twine. Its seasoning is about 5 weeks.


pork meat, salt and pepper



Nutritional features:

sources of high biological value proteins

Energy value on 100 gr:

345 Kcal / 1433 kj

Free of:

gluten and lactose

How to store:

Stored the whole Felino Salami in the cellar, or in a cold place. After the cut, the refrigerator is preferable. For a perfect preservation, wrap the cured meat in a dishcloth or in the food paper.


It must be cut into oval slices, as thick as a grain of pepper. To preserve the whole and tasty slice, choose an oblique cut, with flute spout. The salami is excellent as an appetizer, taste it with some flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano.