Strolghino Whole, 190 gr./0.40 Lbs 5 pieces or 1 with other items ONLY FOR EUROPE

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Краткая информация

Strolghino is a small salami weighing approximately 190 grams.


Directly from Parma:

- Strolghino

Whole, flow pack, gr.190/0.40 Lbs, available in minimum quantities of 5 pieces, or 1 with other items

Strolghino is a small salami, typical of the Bassa Parmense area (countryside areas near Po river). Considering it's small size, this salami it is consumed young.

The name Strolghino, from the dialectal term strolga, “witch or clairvoyant”, result from the fact that it's maturation period was used as a yardstick for gauging that of longer-maturing salamis .

How it is produced:

The real Strolghino is made with the trimming of the lean and fine parts of the leg of the pork; it is ground with salt and pepper and then put the meat in a natural pork casing, tied at the head with a string, to facilitate drying and maturation. Its seasoning is about 20 days.


meat of pork, salt and black pepper

Nutritional features:

è  source of high biological value proteins essential amino acids, iron and zinc

Energy value on 100 gr:

375 Kcal / 1557 kj

Free of:

gluten and lactose

Expiration date:

2 months

How to store:

The whole Strolghino must be stored in a damp and cool place. It's better to avoid dry environments: risk of excessive aging. Once cut, the product must be stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in the food film, no more than 3/4 days.


The Strolghino is eaten as an appetizer, to be served on a cutting board, with croutons or fragrant bread. It is also possible to accompany it with some scales of Parmigiano Reggiano