Traditional Panettone with candied orange peels 500 gr / 1.10 lbs

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1 Traditional Panettone with candied orange peels, 500 gr / 1.10 Lbs


- 1 Traditional Panettone with candied orange peels, 500 gr / 1.10 Lbs

The Panettone is the most popular dessert of the Italian tradition. It is the symbol of Milan: fresh, soft and full of aroma, you can enjoy it all year round. At Christmas time, it is a must on Italian tables. It is prepared with flour, natural yeast, egg-yolk and butter. The tradition states to knead the dough for 72 hours, a process which makes it spongy and fragrant. Its unique and delicate taste makes it the typical Italian dessert suitable for all occasions.

How to consume it - Combinations:

You can eat it in several ways and at any time: for breakfast, dipped in caffelatte or with jam spread on it; for lunch, to make a toast with a glass of spumante, straw wine or Vin Santo; for dinner, as a delicious dessert matched with zabaglione, whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa.
Finally, for those who love gourmet cuisine, the Panettone can be used as a base for more elaborated cakes, such as Cheescake or Tiramisù.


Wheat flour, Egg-yolk, Candied orange peel, Butter, Milk, Natural yeast, Raisin, Sugar, Honey.


Wheat flour, Eggs, Butter, Milk.

It contains sulphites.

It may contain traces dried fruit and soy.