ORGANIC PECORINO TOSCANO Sheep Cheese seasoned in "grotta" Whole wheel 3.7 Lbs. / Kg.1.7


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Sheep Cheese

seasoned in "grotta"
Whole wheel 3.7 Lbs. / Kg.1.7


- Organic Pecorino Toscano, sheep cheese from organic farming, whole wheel seasoned in "grotta", weight 3.7 Lbs. / Kg.1.7

‘His Majesty’ Pecorino Toscano is produced exclusively with sheep’s milk coming from pastures in Tuscany and bordering territories as determined by the regulations of production. The production of organic cheese always offered traditional and natural lines of products. Clearly, the cheese making process complies with all the directives of the certifying agency, which monitors the entire production cycle up to the final marketing of the product.

The peculiarity that distinguishes this product is an unusual ripening process. Ripening is a natural process conducted in a special cave sculpted in tufa stone-a habitat in which the cheese acquires unique aromas and flavors as it ages “truly unforgettable”. The cheese is allowed to mature in the carefully-controlled conditions in the cave for about 2 months, during which time the rind is treated with oil to allow the cheese to develop harmoniously.


Pasteurized sheep's milk from organic farming, salt, rennet, selected lactic ferments, organic extra virgin olive oil in crust


Pasteurized sheep's milk from organic farming


This cheese is the result of careful and rigid processing; particular attention is paid to seasoning in limestone caves, which gives rich and decisive flavors and smells. The thin crust matured in the cave covers a delicate and sweet interior with a rich aroma.

Suggestions for use :

Pecorino Toscano is recommended with acacia honey or fig jam.