Prelibato Valkoinen balsamico-mauste Kypsytetty 5 vuotta pienissä saarnitynnyreissä 1 pullo 200 ml

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Prelibato - White Balsamic Condiment Aged 5 Years
in wooden barrels of "ash tree"
1 bottle - 200 ml


Aged in wooden barrels made of frassino (Ash Tree) and is suggested for use on all types of fish, mollusks, caviar, and fresh fruit.
Vendor:Acetaia Malpighi
we use the best parts of the grape "trebbiano di spagna",the method of crushing is soft and slow, we obtain a liquid transparent and white, we separate this liquid from the rest of the product and we filter it.
after this operation we centrifuge the liquid to make dense it without cooking and we put this liquid, called must of grape, in wooden barrels of "ash tree" for 5 years. we selected the "ash" wood because is very perfumed and it makes the colour of the product clear, thanks to this wood the product is creamy. "prelibato" is natural, we do not add other ingredients, it contains must of grape. this is a "technical introduction of "prelibato", some other information is a "secret of the malpighi family", a part of the history of this family, important to guarantee all the products.

Acetaia Malpighi on julkaissut Parmashop todistus ansioiden tunnustuksena saavutuksistaan edistämistä ja myyntiä kokoelma tuotteiden Acetaia Malpighi.