Violetta di Parma Borsari Eau de Parfume 50 ml. -1,7 fl.oz natural spray

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Violetta di Parma
Eau de Parfume
50 ml. -1,7 fl.oz
natural spray


The name of Parma, one of the cities where I most desired to go, after having read the 'Chartreuse' it appeared to me compact , smooth, sweet and purple.
(Marcel Proust)

  • 1 bottle Eau de Parfum Violetta di Parma 1,7 fl.oz- 50 ml.spray

    The perfume, "Violetta di Parma" owes its very existence to Maria Luigia,(second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla), and her love of this flower.
    It was she who encoraged and supported research by the monks at the Monastery of the Annunciata who, after long and patient work, succeeded in obtaining an essence from the flower and its leaves which was identical to that of the violet.
    The first bottles of the Violetta di Parma, produced thanks to the alchemic skill of the monks, were made solely for the personal use of the Duchess Maria Luigia.

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