Fiocco di prosciutto Salumificio Ducale Hel, som väger 1,9 kg. endast för Europa

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Fiocco di prosciutto
Whole, string-tied
weighing 2 Kg.
only for Europe


  • 1 FIOCCO di prosciutto, Whole, string-tied, weighing 1,9 Kg



    Brisket Ham is excellent as an appetizer, and it goes well with shaved Parmesan.
    The ham is bright red in color, with little fat.
    It has a sweet flavor, rich in aromas.
    The first-rate ham, from a PDO production chain, is divided into two parts: one part is used to make Culatello di Zibello and the other to make Brisket ham. br /> After it is trimmed, massaged and salted the Brisket ham is then stuffed into gut casings, tied with string and left to age for at least six months in the same damp cellars where the PDO Culatello di Zibello is aged.
    How it must be eaten and stored
    Remove the string, brush the Brisket under running water; it should be cut into thin slices and consumed fairly soon. Store in the fridge wrapped in canvas.
    To soften leave in a damp canvas for a few days.