Ortolina sauce set, tomato sauce (2 x...

Ortolina sauce set, tomato sauce (2 x 130 Gr.)

Producer: Rodolfi Mansueto

Containing:  10x   130 gr. / 4.58 oz

Shelf life: 2 years

Shipping: available all over the world

10 x Classic Ortolina sauce- 130 gr

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The Ortolina sauce is the most famous and consumed tomato sauce, prepared according to a simple but appetizing recipe, only with tomatoes, vegetables, olive oil, without dyes and preservatives.

Italian people use the Ortolina sauce since the 1950s: the popular tube is synonymous with quality and practicality.

The Ortolina sauce is so good that we suggest to taste it in its simplicity, spread on a slice of bread. In the kitchen, just add a few grams of Ortolina to the tomato sauce to make it denser and tastier.

In general, it is ideal for adding flavour to pasta dishes, boiled meat, fish, soups and croutons.

How to store it: after opening, keep the product in the refrigerator and use within 20 days.

Organoleptic properties:

  • Appearance: tomato sauce with a thick consistency
  • Colour: red / orange given by the mixture of tomato, vegetables and oil
  • Smell: savoury but balanced
  • Taste: sweet, tasty and decisive

Ingredients: 70% tomato paste, vegetables in variable proportions (carrots, celery, onion), 18%, sugar, 3.5% olive oil, herbs, salt

Allergens: it contains celery

Preservatives: none

Calories per 100 gr:  132 kcal

Format:  a tube of classic Ortolina sauce of 130 gr each

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