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Food Delights from Parma and Italy: discover them on ParmaShop

Italy has always been considered the cradle of good food. Indeed, our products are appreciated worldwide as they stand our for their very high quality and unique taste. In this context, Parma deserves a special mention: considered the capital of Food Valley, its province boasts the largest number of products recognized for their high quality. The name of this city is immediately associated with the famous Parmigiano Reggiano (the "king of cheeses"), Parma ham and the supreme Culatello di Zibello.

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The real and authentic Italian specialties are only available in local shops. However, ParmaShop, thanks to its close collaboration with local companies, gives you the opportunity to buy the different local specialties from home.

Among these delicacies you will find:

Pasta: the shop offers tortiglioni, the famous Roman pasta characterized by the stripes on the external surface and by the important diameter.Tortiglioni are porous both externally and internally and this characteristic makes them perfect to combine with sauces. Are you looking for a healthy and light pasta that is tasty at the same time? Try the organic pappardelle made of durum wheat semolina or spaghetti with a good tomato sauce. A simple but extremely genuine and traditional tasty dish.

Sauces: on ParmaShop you can find sauces from important Italian companies. Do you remember Ortolina? Certainly your grandmother had it in her pantry! This is the first Italian ready-to-use sauce made with natural ingredients such as tomato, fresh vegetables and olive oil. Otherwise, if you are looking for something more elaborate, traditional sauces such as the Arrabiata, Amatriciana and Bolognese sauces are also available.

Anchovies: you probably know the famous anchovies Rizzoli. The shop offers them in the historical version in the golden can: try them on a bruschetta with some drops of olive oil.

Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno: this biscuit which comes from Lombardia is loved by everyone, young and old, for the amaretto’s softness and natural taste. Enjoy them at the end of dinner, accompanied by a fortified wine.

These are just some of the typical Italian specialties that you can find at ParmaShop. For further information, you can visit our online store or contact us directly.

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I nostri prodotti

Pecorino Romano PDO - Aged... Pecorino Romano PDO - Aged... 2
5 5

Pecorino Romano PDO - Aged Sheep Cheese

Porcini Mushrooms Risotto -... Porcini Mushrooms Risotto -... 2
4 4

Porcini Mushrooms Risotto - Arborio Rice with Porcini Mushrooms (300 Gr. / 10.58 oz.)

Truffle Risotto - Arborio... Truffle Risotto - Arborio... 2
4.8 4.8

Truffle Risotto - Arborio Rice with Truffle (300 Gr. / 10.58 oz.)

Anolini with Parmigiano... Anolini with Parmigiano... 2
5 5

Anolini with Parmigiano Reggiano, fresh stuffed pasta

Tortelli with pumpkin,... Tortelli with pumpkin,... 2
5 5

Tortelli with pumpkin, fresh filled egg pasta, handmade

Spaghetti durum wheat... Spaghetti durum wheat... 2
  • Fino al 09/07/2024
  • -12%
5 5
€4.70 €4.14

Spaghetti durum wheat semolina pasta

Tortiglioni, durum wheat... Tortiglioni, durum wheat... 2
5 5

Tortiglioni, durum wheat semolina pasta

Organic Pappardelle, egg... Organic Pappardelle, egg... 2
5 5

Organic Pappardelle, egg durum wheat semolina pasta

Penne, Organic durum wheat... Penne, Organic durum wheat... 2
5 5

Penne, Organic durum wheat semolina pasta

Tricolour farfalle, five...
5 5

Tricolour farfalle, five flavours butterfly pasta

Classic Ortolina sauce - 10... Classic Ortolina sauce - 10... 2
4.9 4.9

Classic Ortolina sauce - 10 tubes

Spicy Ortolina - 10 tubes Spicy Ortolina - 10 tubes 2
5 5

Spicy Ortolina - 10 tubes

Ortolina - Spreadable red... Ortolina - Spreadable red... 2
5 5

Ortolina - Spreadable red pesto with Parmigiano Reggiano

Amatriciana sauce Amatriciana sauce 2
4.8 4.8

Amatriciana sauce

Porcini mushroom sauce Porcini mushroom sauce 2
5 5

Porcini mushroom sauce

Ragù Bolognese, meat-based... Ragù Bolognese, meat-based... 2
5 5

Ragù Bolognese, meat-based sauce

Arrabbiata sauce Arrabbiata sauce 2
4.8 4.8

Arrabbiata sauce

Bruschetta sauce Bruschetta sauce 2
  • Fino al 09/07/2024
  • -10%
  • Out-of-Stock
4.9 4.9
€4.50 €4.05

Bruschetta sauce

Pesto sauce from organic... Pesto sauce from organic... 2
4.9 4.9

Pesto sauce from organic farming jar 130 gr / 4.60 fl.oz

Giardiniera della rezdora... Giardiniera della rezdora... 2
  • Out-of-Stock
5 5

Giardiniera della rezdora of Parma from organic farming

Pitted olives in Extra... Pitted olives in Extra... 2
4.7 4.7

Pitted olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Anchovies, rolled fillets... Anchovies, rolled fillets... 2
5 5

Anchovies, rolled fillets in spicy sauce

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with...
5 5

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle (100 ml. / 3.83 fl. oz.)

Mostarda of Cremona - Mixed... Mostarda of Cremona - Mixed... 2
5 5

Mostarda of Cremona - Mixed Fruit

Mostarda of Cremona -...
5 5

Mostarda of Cremona - Cherries (400 Gr. / 14.10 oz.)

Cherry Sauce with Ginger -... Cherry Sauce with Ginger -... 2
5 5

Cherry Sauce with Ginger - Organic

Wildflower Honey - Organic Wildflower Honey - Organic 2
5 5

Wildflower Honey - Organic

Acacia's Honey (250 Gr. /... Acacia's Honey (250 Gr. /... 2
5 5

Acacia's Honey (250 Gr. / 8.82 oz.)

Fagianella® peach in the box Fagianella® peach in the box 2
Traditional Panettone -... Traditional Panettone -... 2
5 5

Traditional Panettone - Italian Cake - Hand Wrapped (500 Gr. / 1.10 Lbs.)

Amaretti del Chiostro di... Amaretti del Chiostro di... 2
5 5

Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno - Soft

Amaretti (almond biscuits)... Amaretti (almond biscuits)... 2
5 5

Amaretti (almond biscuits) of Chiostro di Saronno crunchy


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