Parma Ham

Parma Ham or Prosciutto di Parma

Wrapped around a breadstick, lying on a slice of pizza, distributed in a sandwich or lying comfortably on an appetizer plate: from any point of view you look at it, the slice of Parma ham PDO always has its own reason.

And Parma ham from "why" has a lot of it. Just think of its millenary tradition: it was the main element of the Roman banquets, loved above all for its refined and delicate taste, which made it an excellent dish to accompany with good red wine. learn more ...

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... The unmistakable flavour of Parma Ham, however, derives from a long and complex process: the hind legs of pork are processed with pure sea salt to keep the meat as sweet and soft as possible. After a long curing process in refrigerated rooms, the meat becomes tender and the characteristic aroma and flavour of Parma Ham emerges. The hams are washed with warm water and brushed to remove excess salt and impurities, then hung in drying rooms for a few days. After successive steps of salting and drying the ham, the final touch will be to mark it with the firebranding with the Ducal Crown.

Another reason why loving Parma ham is related to its unbreakable bond with a territory, that of the so-called "Matildic lands", a symbol of authenticity and tradition. In this small portion of rustic land located in the southern province of Parma, time seems to stand still: ham is still made with ancient methods and the past becomes the real strength of the entire production process.

Tasting Parma PDO raw ham is like living a unique and unforgettable experience. Let yourself be overwhelmed by its intense and refined taste, which can satisfy even the most demanding palate; let yourself be enchanted by its nuances and shades, which vary from intense red to white lard; inebriated by its unmistakable and genuine perfume. In short, tasting PDO Parma ham is like traveling between timeless aromas, flavours and wonders.

And Parma ham PDO is aimed at everyone: its low calorie content and the presence of minerals and easily digestible proteins make it the perfect food both for adult lunches and dinners, and for school snacks of smaller.

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