Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore Degli Ulivi
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore Degli Ulivi
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore Degli Ulivi
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore Degli Ulivi

  • Producer:  Coppini Arte Olearia 
  • Shelf life: 10/12 Months 
  • Containing: 750 ml / 25.35 fl.oz.
  • Shipping: Worldwide

1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore Degli Ulivi, 750 ml / 25.35 fl.oz.

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Signore degli Ulivi is a rustic and immediate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an aroma that invites you to taste it and a clear and tasty flavour which expresses tradition and culture. This oil is obtained exclusively from Italian olives, particularly from Apulian (Coratina) and Sicilian (Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice) varieties of the highest quality; the olives are hand-picked and, in order to maintain their integrity, they are pressed after 48 hours. 

These techniques and the absence of any form of high-temperature treatment contribute to maintaining the organoleptic characteristics such as flavor, aroma and colour. The oil obtained has a sweet taste with a almond aftertaste which is slightly spicy. 

Actually, it goes perfectly with tasty foods, as it further enhances their taste.

It is a veiled extra virgin olive oil, not completely filtered, for those who love a more raw oil.

This oil is characterized by an excellent balance between spicy and bitter taste. It is great to use as an accompaniment to many meals and creates a distinctive flavor with a strong personality.

Oil can be defined “extra virgin olive oil” if all stages of production take place at a temperature below 27 °. Cold pressing allows to maintain the physical and nutritional characteristics of extra virgin olive oil unaltered and to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

The Coppini company was born from the ambitious ideas of Amèrico Coppini who wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather who produced extra virgin olive oil in Pistoia. He decided to revive an activity full of love and passion: riding his bicycle, he let people taste his extra virgin olive oil. In 1946, together with his wife Anita, he founded Coppini Arte Olearia.

In Parma there are no olive groves, the Coppini family therefore put the trace of the product on the label to ensure transparency to the consumer.

Kosher Certification: It is the certification that certifies that our people extra virgin olive oil has been produced in compliance with the religious rules underlying the diet of the Hebrew.

It is perfect with risotto, caponata, mixed salad, tuna fillets, cereals and vegetable soups, red meat, carpaccio, grilled vegetables, vinaigrette and it is delicious also raw on a bread slice with rubbed with garlic.

How to store it: it: the ideal temperature to store olive oil is between 12° and 18° C. It is necessary to keep oil far from heat sources. 

Organoleptic properties:

  • Appearance: Raw  
  • Colour: Light green with golden shades
  • Smell: Clean and tasty, sweet with a slightly spicy almond aftertaste
  • Taste:  immediate and tasty, sweet, with an slightly spicy aftertaste of almond  

Ingredients: Olives

Allergens: None

Preservatives: None

Calories per 15 ml: 124 kcal

Format: 1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Signore Degli Ulivi, 750 ml / 25.35 fl.oz.

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