Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera Ligure” 100% Taggiasche olives
Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera Ligure” 100% Taggiasche olives

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera Ligure” 100% Taggiasche olives

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  • Producer:  Terre Liguri
  • Shelf life: 10/12 Months 
  • Containing: 500 ml / 16.9 fl.oz.
  • Shipping: Worldwide

1 x 500 ml / 16.9 fl.oz. bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera Ligure” 100% Taggiasche olives

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO “Riviera Ligure” is obtained exclusively from the "Taggiasca" olive, harvested in the Riviera dei Fiori of Western Liguria, in the months of proper ripening. Maturation is essential to obtain an oil of very low acidity, with a vibrant taste, sweet and slightly almondy; its strenght is its delicacy: light, fresh and fruity aromas.

This oil obtained the certification PDO Riviera Ligure, which defines all the parameters of production, from pressing to bottling.

The guidelines establish the period of harvesting, which must take place within the 30th of January, each year.

The washing of the olives must take place at room temperature; then, they must be put in oil within 36 months.

On each bottle there is a number which guarantees the origin of the oil.

The gold wrapping guarantees the protection of the oil from oxidation and aging processes caused by exposure to light and guarantees that the organoleptic qualities will be maintained.

All bottles are wrapped by hand.

The traditional processing in the mill stone allows to maintain the oil’s features and high quality for a long time. The oil is not filtered but subjected to periodic decanting. The thin layer on the bottom of the bottle is indicative of its authenticity.

Oil can be defined “extra virgin olive oil” if all stages of production take place at a temperature belowa 27 °. Cold pressing allows to maintain the physical and nutritional characteristics of extra virgin olive oil unaltered and to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

Oil from “Taggiasche” Olives is perfect to enhance the aroma of delicate food without covering its authentic taste. It is good to prepare the mirepoix for sea fish, boiled fish fried fish and salads.

How to store it: the ideal temperature to store olive oil is between 12° and 18° C. It is necessary to keep oil far from heat sources. 

Organoleptic properties:

  • Appearance: Raw
  • Colour: from yellow to green
  • Smell: fruity; the artichoke prevails; aftertaste of almond
  • Taste:  delicate and fruity, sweet and slightly spicy

Ingredients: Olives

Allergens: None

Preservatives: None

Calories per 15 ml: 123 kcal (822 kcal x 100 ml) 

Format: 1 x 500 ml-glass bottle 

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