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Parma has always been considered a sort of small paradise of the Italian culinary tradition. It is not for nothing that it is also the "cradle" of the Food Valley, that territory that the whole world envies us for its gastronomic excellence. This is because the Parma area can count on a prestigious basket of PDO and PGI branded products, ranging from cold cuts to seasonings. The cuisine of this splendid land is not fat and heavy, on the contrary, it represents an example of brilliant union between taste, healthiness and balance. learn more ...

 PECORINO TOSCANO Pdo Aged Sheep Cheese Half wheel 2.20 Lbs / Kg. 1

PECORINO TOSCANO Pdo Aged Sheep Cheese Half wheel 2.20 Lbs / Kg. 1

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  • The Best - Georgetown, Texas, United States22/02/2021 PARMIGIANO REGGIANO Pdo Vacche Rosse / Red Cows Great "Red Cow" Cheese!!! We found out about your Parmigiano Reggiano while watch a Netflix cooking program called "Acid, Salt, Heat", and could not believe how easy and fast our order was processed and received. We are hooked on "Red Cow" Cheese!!
  • Barb - USA02/11/2021 PARMIGIANO REGGIANO Pdo Vacche Rosse / Red Cows 20/24 + 40/48 months 2 Pieces each 1 Kg / 2.20 Lbs + Balsamic dressing Gocce d'Oro: The best I have ever tasted - The most delicious Parmigiano Reggiano I've ever tasted. I grate the 24 month to use atop pastas, and eat the 48 month after slicing into chunks. Outstanding shipping, the cheese arrives in two days! Customer service is wonderful; Chiara and Roberta are friendly and answer questions promptly.

... ParmaShop, which has been operating in this sector for over 25 years, offers the typical products of Parma, such as the famous Parma Ham, Culatello di Zibello, Felino salami or the tasty Parmesan cheese. There is also the traditional balsamic vinegar and fine wines typical of the region. Among the typical products of Parma we also find the traditional tortelli made with fresh herb and ricotta pasta and porcini mushrooms collected in the Valtaro fir and beech forests.

ParmaShop carefully selects its wide range of products obtained exclusively from small local companies that still follow the traditional methods of the past. All our culinary specialties are of superior quality and many of them are accompanied by the prestigious PDO and PGI brands, which certify their origin. Our aim is to make our products known to everyone, without distance limitations.

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