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  • Mary Ann23/07/2019 PARMIGIANO REGGIANO Pdo Vacche Rosse / Red Cows 40/48 months Excellent Been buying from the Parmashop for years.. you will not be disappointed their cheese is out of this world... fast delivery you can text Roberta she will help you with any questions... I love the cheese from the Red Cows... the best... you will not find any cheese like this in America try it you will not be sorry.. the best CHEESE EVER
  • Zuhair19/07/2019 PARMIGIANO REGGIANO Pdo from organic farming I have purchased this item from a local store in the past. Cannot find this in the States and am thrilled with ParmaShop in every way. This is my second time purchasing from PS and will gladly do so again. BTW, this is by far my favorite Parmigiano Reggian, balsamic, Pesto and well worth the price