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  • G.H.12/06/2019 PECORINO TOSCANO Pdo Sheep Cheese Whole wheel 5 lbs / Kg.2.3 Dear Roberta, 'big thank u' we receive our cheese this morning, and its lovely and creamy too. and the little gift too as we enjoy coming to Italy as we come every year as it such a beautiful country and love food and wine and also the people too. Also we now know where get our italtan food from .
  • Dave77027/11/2019 3 kg of the best Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse 2 years Hills 3 years Bonat 4 years I'll never buy store-bought parm again! Excellent price, quick shipping, the family loves it! Better than any parm we've ever had. Ethereal!