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  • Chicken11/11/2019 THE BEST PARMIGIANO REGGIANO PDO OF ITALY Bonat 4 years Italian Perfection I bought the 4 year old Parmigiano and it is fantastic - great initial taste, with ongoing aftertaste flavours, the texture is perfect, marbled and still seems moist - will definitely buy again.
  • MAG11/11/2019 PARMIGIANO REGGIANO PDO Vacche Rosse / Red Cows 24/30 months Totally worth it Several years ago, I received a chunk of Red Cow parmesan as a gift, and it ruined all other parmesan for me. I had to have more of it. I went looking for some way to buy it in the US, and discovered that it is hard to find and insanely expensive. So I thought, why not buy it from Italy? Parmashop is a better value, even with the shipping charge from Europe, than buying from an American specialty food retailer. I've ordered three times now, and I am a very satisfied customer. My order arrives quickly, shipped in a styrofoam mini-cooler, with cold packs, and usually includes a small gift (a cheese grater, a cheese knife, etc.). I have recommended this site to friends who have also been bitten by the Red Cow bug. We are happy eaters.