Pasta italiana Paccheri Sémola de trigo duro 500 gr


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1 paquete de Pasta italiana Paccheri Sémola de trigo duro, 500 gr


- 1 pack of Italian Pasta Paccheri

Durum wheat semolina, 500 gr

Paccheri are a kind of pasta of Neapolitan tradition. They have the shape of "giant macaroni" made with durum wheat semolina from selected 100% Italian grains, bronze drawn and dried at low temperature. The water from the springs and the wheats of the highest quality, make it possible to obtain a rough, porous pasta, capable of capturing the sauce, with an unmistakable texture and taste, typical of home-made first courses! "Pasta made as it used to be"


durum wheat semolina


wheat, may contain traces of egg, celery and cuttlefish ink


Perfectas con ragú u otras salsas, también se pueden rellenar con ricotta, carnes y verduras